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Boating in Rock Creek - SLOW DOWN

Posted by Webmaster on May 31, 2020 at 9:35 AM

All Boat Ramp Key holders are reminded that as you boat through Wall Cove and Rock Creek, you must keep your boat below 6 mph AND you keep your wake to a minimum. 

There are many small boat, Kayaks and Dingys operating in Wall Cove.   Many of these small craft can be hidden from view until the last minute.  By the time you see them it is TOO LATE to slow down and reduce your wake. 

Boat owners are ALWAYS fully responsible for all damage, injury and death caused by their wake. 

This is not county ordinance or state law.  It is FEDERAL LAW. Please avoid hurting your neighbors by slowing down. 

Getting to or from the boat ramp a minute or two earlier will not ruin your day.  Injuring another boater will ruin your day, month and year.  And you can be denied a Boat Ramp Key the next year.

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